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Testimonial and review from a former student who is now a professional composer for TV and Films

Paul O'Brien (London / Los Angeles)

"Gareth's teaching was down to earth, not biased to one style of music, aimed at my goals in playing guitar and taught me how to write music and understand what makes a song good without realising it. Conversations with Gareth about the music industry and recording have also been invaluable. Gareth can also shred with the best of them!"

Testimonials and reviews of clients who purchased the multimedia course

Colin (Amazon customer)

I'VE Been waiting on something like this for a year and a half. What a purchase for anyone who can't afford guitar lessons this is course for you. From the excercises to the video clips and games this is a must for any beginner. The lessons are made out on a weekly basis and you can take it at any pace that suits you.now i can look forward to my daily practise. I find after all the books i've purchased this is the easiest course i've come across. So if your thinking about learning to play and can't afford lessons this is course for you.
Many Thanks and keep on rocking

Jeremy (USA)

I got the CD-rom about a week ago and have been practising from the CD-rom from the day i received it. i must say within 1 hour of opening my package, i was playing the "Nirvana come as you are riff" i could not believe this.
Music has always been a huge part of my life i'm 32 yrs. old and I have never picked a guitar up in my life and within 1 hour, your awesome CD-rom had me playing a real riff. The course makes me want to learn and keep's me interested and it's very easy to understand. I felt I had to let you know how awesome your course is and that I was playing a real riff, within 1 hour, with NO PREVIOUS GUITAR EXPERIENCE . . . wow i still can't believe it.

Ian (UK)

When I first opened the package I started to get a bit worried as although it's very well done, graphics wise, I could tell it was "home made" if you like. Anyway, I started to investigate further and I read your "(Ebay) me" page and I spent a couple of hours just looking through the course and following the first steps CD. I have to tell you I am so very impressed. This course is really awesome. It's easy to tell the amount of work you have put into it and how well thought through it is. After last night, I went from knowing virtually nothing to having a real good foundation in understanding the notes, the layout and how to go about learning to play. I really think I can give this a go now and I think that's because your course is so good. Best buy of the year for me.

Bill (UK)

I'm not in the habit of purchasing something after using a demo version for a few minutes. I know I had a month to try it out but having tried various tutors and still not being much of a guitarist I found your tutor so easy to use and follow that I was knocking Hey Jude out in a few minutes. This made me think it's not how bad I am, but the methods I've been using so I should purchase the full versions.
So I now have a quality product at a fantastic price.

Apostolis (Greece)

This guitar course is amazing, I am very happy I purchased it. I just now finished printing all the .pdf files (although I do have respect for the trees in Amazon jungle, I am afraid it is a bit hard for me to read all this stuff on the monitor display). What amazes most is the fact that the course is full of useful stuff given in a very understandable and comprehensive way! Congratulations, I wish I had a relative course for piano...

John I'Anson (UK)

I would like to say a big thank you very much for the course.
I could only play some open chords through guitar lessons from a book, so your lessons helped me advance in the right direction, your multimedia course helped a great deal, being able to hear and see the lessons was great, making it possible to go over lessons again so I could get them right I looked forward to each month to see what was new to learn.
I would also like to say, your guitar course is very low priced for the content within the course, being great value for

Brad Schilling (Australia)

Hello Guitar Academy,
I had been playing guitar rather badly for 20 years and decided to do something about my guitar work by downloading your e-books. Already I am improving, especially in the 'scales' department. I've tried quite a few guitar courses in my time and found them wanting usually because the order of the lessons often didn't help. The Guitar Academy stuff is perfect in this respect. Also, the technique tips are very helpful, it made me realize how many bad habits I had picked up over the years. Keep up the good work guys.

Paul Crack (UK)

The best course I have seen. It sets you targets, keeping your interest and never boring. It's the next best solution to personal weekly one to one tuition

Freddie Thronson (USA)

I have to say after looking over the course, this is by far the best course I've seen. I have tried many in the past, and have spent hundreds of dollars. I wish I knew about this a long time ago. I could have saved a lot of money and be a lot more accomplished on the guitar by now. Great product.

R Brown (UK)

Hi, just thought I’d drop you a line to say thank you and how impressed I am with the guitar coarse, up to now I’ve been trying to learn using books etc. but the CD-rom is just fantastic and I’m picking it up real quick. It’s like having a pro in the room with me with the demos etc, I think it’s got to be the best £10 I’ve ever spent. . . . It’s a great product at a real fair price.

Gordon (UK)

I was given your CD ROM course for x-mas it is easily the best present I have been given. I have only been playing for under a year and really getting no where until I got your course and am now on month 4 and playing better than I could have imagined.

David (UK)

Since my previous email I have had the opportunity of a much closer look at the CD's contents and it is ***EXCELLENT**. For someone absolutely new to the subject, its EXACTLY what I want - and need. The info about the type of guitar to buy, the different types, their workings, the playing of notes, etc., etc., are invaluable. People tend to wrongly assume that anyone interested in buying a guitar already knows all of this, which of course is not the case at all. Your CD will allow me to talk about the subject to a trader without sounding like a total novice! (First steps guitar course)

Mr. D Church

As a relative beginner looking for a good guitar course, I happened to try the demo version of your course on the PC Format magazine. I found it easy to follow and so purchased the Units 1 & 2 on-line. My congratulations to you on an excellent course. It is easy to follow, well thought out and very good value for money. I shall certainly recommend it to anyone looking for such a start in guitar playing.

Dave (UK)

Hi just to let you know I bought your tutor for my son who is seven and has been playing for a year, I think having just had a quick flick through that it will be brilliant for him to reach his next level. I myself have been playing pro for 10 years and can see that what you have done here will be a great addition to anyone who is wanting to learn, I just wanted to congratulate you on your programme as I think it is very very good.

Mattias (Sweden)

I´ve tried your program and I must say that it is amazing! You explain very well, and I can honestly say that this guitar program is the best I´ve seen. ! ! ! I´ve seen a lot of guitar programs, believe me, but this one take the number 1 spot.

Craig Stevens (UK)

This is by far the best course I have used as it is straight forward and versatile, by that I mean you don’t have to sit in front of the computer in order to use it thanks to the fact you have broken down the course into bite size chunks you can print off and study away from the computer. It’s also good to know that you read and reply to emails sent and not rely on auto responders and frequently asked questions.

Chris Pedler(UK)

I have just purchased Unit 1 and 2 and I just wanted to send a brief email saying how fantastic it looks. I have tried to play the guitar for the past 30 years on and off. At 45, and now having both more time and more patience than in my youth, I decided to give it one last go. Past learning through books and CDs have either expected far too much too soon, or were simply too uninteresting. Some of the basics here are familiar to me, but looking ahead I see what a varied and in-depth course it is. If I make it at all, it will be due to this. Thanks again - I'm just glad I found you on ebay!

Paul (UK)

I have been trying off and on to learn to play guitar for a few years and decided at the age of 40 that I would bite the bullet and buy myself an American deluxe stratocaster and Fender amp and get serious. I could start a large fire with the guitar books and cd's that I have bought over the years and given up on, so I cannot express how fantastic and straight forward your course is.
Last night I played for hours and it feels like I have 2 years of professional guitar lessons to work with not to mention saving the £20 per hour tutoring charges !!!!
I can only say please quote me as a satisfied customer and get someone to market this great course through music shops. Keep up the good work.

Bill (USA)

Starting late in life, age 60, I began my quest for an education in guitar playing. Little knowing without proper guidance a person can very easily get lost, disgusted and disenchanted with it altogether. After two years, 6 expensive interactive programs, little structure and very sore fingers I have naught to show for it all save the ability to give Will The Circle Be Unbroken a decent lick. Since I started unpacking this program of yours I've been glued to this ole puter. I am fairly gnawing at the bits to work this thing. Thank you for your help from the masses like myself that have so little to work with yet wanting to accomplish so much. Your program really is great and I will definitely keep you abreast of my progress. Bill W.

Kristy (USA)

I absolutely love this Multimedia Guitar Course. I will recommend to everyone. It is very user friendly. A great product. Please let me know when Unit 2 becomes available because I wish to purchase that as well. Thanks so much for a great product. Kristy


I'd just like to thank you for the terrific CD you have been very generous with your knowledge and hope you will be rewarded. On briefly looking it is well structured with very helpful tips of which I have been lacking. Thanks Again Mandy


I cant thank you enough for the DVD - I am 51 years old and have always wanted to play - bought a cheapo electric in my teens and got nowhere trying to teach myself. Now I can actually play a few songs on my Fender Strat copy! Thank you so much for a brilliant easy to learn tutorial.

Rob (UK)

Having started to play the guitar just over a year ago i had a few lessons but lost interest and direction, after being keen at the start i stopped playing in the summer!

But my wife got me your cd's for xmas and i'm back enjoying it, there easy to follow and i really feel im getting somewhere and
playing at every opportunity. its the best £15 my wife has ever spent!


Thanks for sending me your software. I'm a 60 year old who has just recently changed over to Left handed because of an injury to my left hand which now doesn't allow me to use it on the fretboard anymore. I find your course a lot easier to understand than others I have tried in the past. It's well laid out in such a way even a mug like me can understand it. I still enjoy playing although it's just for personal recreation. I'm taking it a bit more seriously though and not skipping lessons which is a temptation sometimes.

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"I absolutely love this Multimedia Guitar Course. I will recommend to everyone.
It is very user friendly. A great product. "

"Very impressed with service and product. Honest and helpful, a good seller."

"Great price, great service, great product what more can i say.....but THANKS!!!!!"

"Outstanding, good quality product, customer support, fast shipment"


"Very Impressed. Look no further. This is the one to buy. Very Highly Recommended."