Minimum system requirements
Mac Intel, OSX 10.5 + will not run the applications
Payment methods
SE version serial number
Lost files

Download problems
Video not visible or no sound
Video control bar missing
Program freezes Vista
No clicks with metronome 2
E-book problems (PDF's)
Screen not fitting
Connecting my guitar to my computer
Apple Mac - will not run without Shockwave
Where to get Quicktime or Acrobat reader
Return and refund policy
e-mail support

Guitar or lesson questions

Support and FAQ's

guitar lessons CD-rom

Minimum systems

This course is designed to be as
backward compliant as possible.


Minimum system PC
PC Win 95/98/2000/NT/XP/ VISTA
and Windows 7
P500, 128 MB RAM, 400MB of HDD(optional), 4 x DVD-ROM,
16 bit sound card, 1024x768 video resolution

Note; Vista needs a higher minimum system.

Minimum system Mac
Mac Power Mac G3 running OS 9.2 to OSX

128 MB RAM, 400MB of HDD (optional), 4 x DVD-ROM,
16 bit sound card, 1024x768 video resolution

Mac OSX 10.5 or newer
Intel, file want run

Apple have recently changed the
operating system, so now a patch is
required in order to run our products.


To correct this issue
download and install the updates

Update download page

1. Download the update(s) you require

2. Extract the files from the 'dmg' file

3. Overwrite the files in the Guitar Academy software folders

4. The programs should run correctly


Cost and expected delivery time.




The shipping costs and VAT are built into the price of the products, so the prices listed are the prices you pay. This makes things clearer and easier for you the clients (no hidden surprises).

UK postage is FIRST CLASS. Items are dispatched within twenty four hours of purchase or on the next working day.

International shipping is AIRMAIL small package. Packages usually take between 5 and 10 working days to arrive, depending on the destination. Items are usually dispatched within twenty four hours of purchase or on the next working day.

Dispatch days and holidays;
Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
no dispatches are made in the weekend, bank holidays or during annual summer leave (usually August).

Dispatches are usually made at between 1:00 and 3:00 PM GMT.



Download version


I have not received a Serial number


I cant sign in to the download page


File is corrupt







Can't sign in to download page

do not use apostrophes in names, for example O'Connor instead Just type in OConnor or O Connor or if you are trying to redownload after a period of time go here.

File is corrupt when downloaded

The most common reason for the file becoming corrupt during the download process is packets being lost by your computer. This can be due to a poor Internet connection or other internet/computer activity whilst the file is being downloaded.

To remedy this problem you need to re-download the file.
Delete all traces of the damaged file before you start the download.
Whilst downloading the file your computer should be left alone as it is other Internet activity and computer activities that cause the file to become corrupted.

If the problem persists.
I recommend downloading the three part version of the program.
1. Download ‘PowerAchiver’ to extract the three files.
2. Open the last file fist.

Once you have downloaded and extracted the file, back it up on a CD-rom or second computer or hard drive, so you don’t have to re download it again.

No serial number

The serial number should be sent automatically from the server, however some e-mail services now block all automatic e-mails as they are considered to be Spam. If you have purchased the download version of the course and have not received a serial number, please contact me and I will resend your serial number directly.

e-mail support

Lost download


I have had to reinstall my computer

I have replaced my computer


Lost the files and need to reinstall the program.

We only offer limited download facilities. You can download the install files for up to a maximum of two months after purchase. After this time you will have to repurchase the software if you loose it.

For security reasons the download page and the download links change on a regular basis. When you buy the download version It is your responsibility to back up the install files to a safe place. We recommend you back up on well labelled CD-r or DVD-r.

We will try to help clients whenever possible, however please note this is at our discretion. Please email us if you do loose your download or serial with an approximate date of purchase.

Magazine version SE

I am being asked for a serial number
which I don't have.



From November 2007 the SE version changed to v3.5 and the old serial number will no longer work. To get the serial number for the older version go here.

New version v3.5 SE. The serial number or registration link is provided with the magazine. However if you cannot locate the serial number of the registration link follow this link.


Don't worry about leaving your email with us. We are totally opposed to Spam and we only send out emails when a new product is released (maybe once a year), and we do not allow third parties access to our database.

Video problems

I can't see the Video
I can't see the video but a hear the sound.

The application Freezes on the
first screen with Vista




Install the latest version of QuickTime
on your system.


The video not working is usually down to the fact that you either don’t have QuickTime on you system, or you have an older version of the software. Metronome 2 also need QuickTime to function.

If you are updating from an older version it is important to uninstall the old version before re-installing the new version, otherwise you can have problems with the video.

To install QuickTime, click on the ‘more’ button on your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, and then click on the ‘QuickTime’ button towards the bottom of the page. On versions released after November 2005 there is the facility to check your QuickTime version on the CD.

If you have the download version of the course you will have to download it from the QuickTime web site at

The QuickTime player is free if you choose the basic version.

BEWARE - recently I have come across a number of faulty installations of QuickTime. If the video or Metronome 2 is not working uninstall QuickTime and then reinstall it.

Video problem

Control bar for video missing
can see video but can't start playback.

64 bit operating systems only.


The video box appears, but there is no way of starting playback.
The video control bar is missing.

This is because Adobe QuickTime isn't fully compatible with Windows 64 bit operating systems. So we have encountered this problem on Windows Vista 64 and Windows 7 64.

To solve this issue . .

1. Right click on the shortcut
2. Select the compatibility tab
3. Select 'run this program in compatibility mode for'
4. From the dragdown menu select 'Windows XP (Service Pack2)
5. Click 'Apply'

Metronome 2
has no sound

Metronome 2 boots up OK but
there are no clicks when I try to use it.


You must have QuickTime 6 or higher
installed on your system.


The clicks on Metronome 2 are produced using a MIDI file, and therefore if your computer is not configured to play MIDI files you will not hear anything. Also QuickTime 6 or higher is necessary for Metronome 2. look at video problems

If you are updating from an older version it is important to uninstall the old version before re-installing the new version, otherwise you can have problems with the video.

If you can't get MIDI to run on your computer and so can't get Metronome 2 to work, Metronome 1 works uses a different method to produce the beat work OK on your system.

E-book problems (PDF's)

I can't open the e-books, I get the error
message '404 unknown url'



You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or higher
installed on your system.




This e-book issue is currently worked on.

The error message is generated because of 'spyware' on some systems or, more commonly the use of none standard browsers, i.e. AOL, Opera, Firefox etc. The reason for the error, is that most none Microsoft browsers try to access the internet when accessing files which are on your computer system.

If you use a none Microsoft browser, you will need to open the e-books directly off you hard-drive or the CD-ROM.

The e-books locations:

C: -> program files -> GCH Guitar Academy -> PDFS

CD drive -> PDFS

From both of these locations you can open the e-books by double clicking on the icons, or copy/cut and paste them to a more convenient location like your desktop and open them from there.

Screen not fitting

I can't see the full screen,
the buttons at the side are missing



You must run this software on a screen resolution
of 1024 x 768 or higher.


This is a common problem with older computers or computers which have never been configured correctly.

To correct the problem, follow these instructions;

1 minimize or close all your programs

2 Right click the mouse on the desktop where there are no icons.

3 select 'Properties', then using tabs at the top select 'Setting'

4 Where there is a slider and it says 'Screen resolution', slide the slider until the values are '1024 by 768'

5 Click 'Apply' and then 'OK'

Your screen will take a little getting use too if you have been using it for a long time, however this is the recommended resolution for most modern'ish' systems.
If your computer will not support this resolution, then unfortunately you cannot run this software.

Application will not run on
Apple Mac Os9 and OsX

Application wasn't run and is asking for
shockwave to be installed


Because of the differences between the various Mac operating systems, you have to install the appropriate version of shockwave.


This problem will occur if you have never used a Shockwave based application or encountered a Shockwave Web site. Shockwave is a trustworthy application from Adobe and is completely free.

To correct the problem;

1 Download 'Shockwave Player 10' from the Adobe Web site
OS9 download here
OSx download here

2 Install it on your computer.

3 Run the application

Connecting my guitar
to my computer

How do I connect my guitar,
to my computer


What you need to do to connect your guitar to your PC, is adapt the two different plug sizes

6.35mm (1/4’) Mono Jack Plug (your guitar)
3.5mm mini jack (your computer)

There are lots of ways of doing this. You can either use a complete lead or just use an adaptor plug and a separate lead.

If you are connecting the guitar to your computer just for tuning, then a microphone will be sufficient and there are lots of cheap microphones on the market especially for your computer.

Once you have the correct leads or adapter your guitar will then plug into the line or the aux socket on your sound card. It is wise to turn your guitars volume control right down when first plugging it in, and then slowly turn it up until the volume is correct.

Where to get
Acrobat Reader or



Acrobat Reader
Adobe provide 'Acrobat Reader' which is given away FREE. Acrobat Reader is essential for reading PDF files, which are used for e-books.

If you have the download version of the course you will have to download it from the QuickTime web site at

The QuickTime player is free if you choose the basic version.

Returns and refunds

Because of the nature of this product
we have a strict



We will replace the item in the unlikely event that a CD-rom or DVD-rom arrives with the client damaged or is faulty.

This policy is to protect ourselves from dishonest clients who copy the product and then returned it. There is an absolute NO REFUND POLICY on download products, so be sure you know what you are buying. Do not buy a large download if your Internet connection will not allow you to download it.

However if you have any problems please contact us and we will try our best to help.

Guitar and lessons

Just e-mail me with your questions and I
will try my best to help.


Many people ask questions to do with guitars or lessons in the course, which I will try my best to answer.

Any questions you may have are also useful to me in further developing the course. As I see a pattern forming in the questions being asked I can address these issues in future versions of the course.

e-mail support

For other issues not listed above e-mail support
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