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The author of the GCH Guitar Academy course (Gareth Hargreaves), has been featured recently by BBC Wales. The BBC interviewed Gareth with regards to the course and the international success it has had, and all from the humble home of a converted garage in North Wales. The highlights of the interview are on the BBC Wales Web site on the link below.

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Gareth Hargreaves, was a guest at the BBC radio Wales studios in Bangor, North Wales, where he appeared on the Jamie and Louise show. He was interviewed about the success of the GCH Guitar Academy Guitar Course and played a small portion of a Spanish romance called 'Parque de la Media Luna' which has been written for inclusion in the next unit of the course.

Later in the program Louise from the Jamie and Louise program was set with the challenge of learning how to play 'Hey Jude' by The Beatles from the GCH Guitar Academy course within a month, even though she has never played the guitar before. A challenge she will easily rise to.


The SE version of the software

We have produced a Unit One - Special Edition (SE version) of the GCH Guitar Academy guitar course for marketing purposes. This version has been featured on a number of prestigious magazines around the world. The SE version can only be acquired by the general public through magazine cover disks, special promotions or by purchasing it and therefore offers the publishers a product with genuine value for their marketing purposes. The SE version is available for PC or for Mac OSX.

A copy of the Unit One - SE version can be made available for download, along with details, screen shots and logo art work. The details of this download area can be provided to publishers or other marketing professionals upon request and agreement. We can even include your logo in the program install by arrangement.

If you would like the download details or a CD-rom to be dispatched to you, please contact us.


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The GCH Guitar Academy Guitar Course has been designed by an award-winning designer to be as visually appealing as possible. This means the screen shots and logos are graphically appealing giving your graphic designer(s) a good starting place to create attractive page layouts.

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The GCH Guitar Academy course and/or the associated software have already been featured in a number of prestigious magazines from around the world, many of which also featured our software on the cover disks.

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Some magazines to feature GCH Guitar Academy
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Computer Hoy (Spain)

PC Advisor
Windown Vista (official spain)

Computer Buyer (DVD edition)
PC User (Australia)
PCPlus (espania)
PC Format
Mac Format
Computer Arts Projects

CD 32 - August 2010

issue 151 - February 2008
January 2008
issue 9 - January 2008

issue 187 - December 2006
December 2006
issue 111 - November 2006
issue 247 - September 2006
issue 191 - September 2006
issue 173 - September 2006
issue 88 - August 2006

Some international magazines featuring GCH Guitar Academy
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Subject of Magazine
Computer Panorama

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