GCH  Guitar Academy First Steps guitar . multimedia guitar lessons

Formats available
PC - Mac -DVD-rom - download - combined with unit one/two - Right and Left handed edition

This course has been especially developed for absolute beginners
This course will even help you choose a guitar
It is ideal for teaching yourself or your kids the first steps to playing the guitar
This course is kept simple by avoiding the most difficult chords
Chords, scales and playing techniques are explained in careful detail
As an introductory offer, includes the e-books for unit one

This course is even helpful before you buy a guitar as it contains an interactive guide to the different types of guitars so you can get a better idea of what is available. If you can borrow a guitar, you can try the first few lessons to see how easy it to play. This course is also ideal if you have just bought your first guitar or you have bought a guitar as a gift for someone. This course teaches you the important first steps you will need to get your guitar playing off the ground.

This course has been written to avoid the most difficult chords, scales and techniques in order to give the student the clearest and easiest start, it also makes it the ideal choice for a youngster. However if you can already play a little guitar, and want to move on, this is not the course for you, I would recommend you going for unit 1 or unit 2.

Whilst this course is very basic, it has the added strength of being a good starting place to continue through the GCH Guitar Academy award winning guitar course.

This guitar Course contains

interactive chord and scale charts
especially designed for beginners. These charts go into extreme detail, you can pick out and listen to each note one by one.

interactive guitar exercises
you can hear and see the exercises to make them easily understood

printable e-books
all the exercises and tunes can be printed out, so you can study the material away from the computer.

backing tracks
to play along with or help you with tunes you don't know
a metronome
to help you get used to playing in correct time
a guitar tuner
so you can develop an ear for the guitar
a backing player
so can listen to the backing directly from the program
Some fun tunes included
Twinkle twinkle, Frera Jaqua, Pop goes the weasel, Coming round the mountain, crazy frog-Axle F (riff), Gorillaz–Feel Good Inc (riff), Amazing grace, Oasis–Live forever, Bob Dylan-Blowing in the wind.

GCH Guitar Academy  First Steps CD-rom, multimedia guitar lessons

screenshot showing an Ovation style electro acoustic guitar

Guitar Guide

This is a guide to the various types of guitars available. This is useful if you are thinking of buying a guitar, or want to know more about guitars.

Wit the guitar guide is a detailed guide to guitar parts both by guitar and by component. This will help you understand the various features available and help you decide what features you would like.

screenshot showing the nut on an electric and acoustic guitar

guitar lessons showing open chords and a simple tune

chord charts and exercises

The interactive chord charts allow you to hear the chord you would like to learn. The chord chart will then take you to a dedicated page for each chord that will allow you to hear the chord played normally, raked, or give you the option of playing each note in the chord one by one so you can compare it more carefully with your own rendition of the chord.

There are also a number of chord exercises including tunes with backing tracks that allow you to practice and improve your chords and chord changes.

guitar lessons showing scales and the correct finger names, numbers

Interactive scale charts

The interactive scale charts allow you to hear the scale you would like to learn. The scale chart will then take you to a dedicated page for each scale that will allow you to hear each note played one by one so you can compare it more carefully with your own rendition of the scale.

guitar lessons showing the G major scale and the correct finger names, numbers

guitar lesson showing how to read tab, tablature


Tablature explanation and exercises

Tablature or Tab is one of the most common ways of writing guitar music. All good music shops have guitar books written using tablature and there are many sources on the internet of tablature music. So to learn tablature is a definite must for the modern guitarist.

The interactive tablature explanation explains in an easily followed way how to read tablature, and allows you to hear how the tablature should be played. You can hear the tablature exercises played normally or played note by note so that you can compare it more carefully with your own rendition. This will help reinforce your confidence in your understanding of tablature.

screenshot showing an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar


Choosing a guitar and the basics

These two presentations are video/animation style presentations which take you through the various types of guitars available and give you advise on choosing the right instrument for you. The presentation goes through a cross-section of guitars and compares them.

The basics presentation takes you through all the important basic elements you will need to know to progress as a guitarist. These really are the basics, and are explained simply.

Elements of the fingerboard
How to read a chord map
How to read a scale map
How to read tablature

GCH Guitar Academy guitar course, guitar lessons in multimedia format


Printable PDF e-book

The e-book is a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) document that can be printed out and kept as a valuable addition to the material on the CD-rom. Having a printed copy of the exercises allows you to study them more carefully, you can return to the interactive versions of the exercises when you need the extra help of the interactive material.

The chord chart, scale chart, tablature and playing techniques are all documented in the e-book.

Providing an e-book as opposed to a preprinted version of the documentation means you get the same material at a fraction of the price.

Also includes the e-books for unit one

Minimum system PC
PC Win 95/98/XP/
VISTA and Windows 7
P500, 128 MB RAM, 400MB of HDD, 4 x DVD-ROM,
16 bit sound card, 1024x768 video resolution
Minimum system Mac
Mac Intel running OSX 10.5
or newer
256 MB RAM, 400MB of HDD, 4 x DVD-ROM,
16 bit sound card, 1024x768 video resolution

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